bigbedbugUnlike many familiar creatures that are attracted to messy unkempt environments Bed Bugs are attracted to you and your guests. They like warm bodies and carbon dioxide that humans emit when they breath. Bed Bugs are just as likely to be in an well maintained propriety as well as a slum as long as they have regular occupants. Bed bugs prefer tight crevices that are close sleeping areas. Infestations are spread threw luggage, furniture, clothing and can spread throughout properties when left unchecked. The average life span of the bed bug is 6-12 months and they will feed every 10 days or so during this time. Bed bugs can survive many months without a blood meal and they reproduce in an unusual fashion.

How would you know you had bed bugs? Maybe it would be the bites that appear on you or your guests skin. They are about the size of an apple seed with the width of a credit card. With their preference of curling up in tight crevices Bed Bugs can be difficult for people to see. If you do a time consuming visual inspection the average human has a 30% accuracy rate in detecting Bed Bugs.

Why use a dog? Dogs have been used for centuries to detect a variety of substances and are still the cutting edge of technology today. A dog has 220 million olfactory receptors and they use them 118 times a minute to detect Bed Bugs. A trained dog has a 97% accuracy rate with 0% false positives and work discreetly and quickly.

A dog can be used proactively to ensure a property is bed bug free. This can be beneficial to landlord and tenants alike to ensure a property meets all parties needs.
A dog can be used in a targeted environment when Bed Bugs have already been detected. Individuals can commit recourses to the infested area of buildings and take appropriate steps to ensure the infestation doesn’t spread.
Post treatment is a way of ensuring that the environment is infestation free or if further extermination is required.

The facts are that Bed Bugs have become a public heath crisis in the 21st Century. 22 states and 1 territory laws in place regarding Bed Bugs. These laws address rental properties, hotels, institutional facilities, schools, labor camps and even rail cars. Also attorneys have been suing on behalf of people that have been bitten and for property damage. It only makes sense to have a dog specifically trainedin detecting bed bugs to protect you and your interests.

Bed Bugs are here to stay and Absolute Bed Bug Detection is here to help provide comfort, safety and peace of mind to you and your clients.