Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite

The ground-breaking (and environmentally safe) way
to detect bed bugs in your establishement

The Rise of Bed Bugs is a Threat to the Hospitality Industry

For most of us this patent cliché was merely a loving, yet silly way of bidding our children good night, but its meaning for us in the modern developed world was more mythological.

In the last two decades the rise of bed bugs as a real threat to hospitality, healthcare and residential sanitation has become very real. These pests that thrive in finding the cracks, creases and crevices of our hotel rooms, hospital beds and homes have made a major come back.

Early detection is the only way to fight back. The problem is that they are nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. Once they are detected, eradication becomes possible.

The emergence of K9 detection of these creepy crawlies has been ground breaking for the hospitality and health care industry as well as for dormitories and home owners.


The Emergence of K9 Detection Has Been Ground Breaking


bedbug-dog-anchorjpg-8e07ccaddde991cf_largeA dog’s uniquely keen sense of smell has made them the forerunners in bed bug detection with a 97% success rate. It takes our trained and licensed K9 inspectors 5-7 minutes to detect whether a hotel room is infested with these human blood feeding bugs; conversely it would take hours for a team of human experts, with an accuracy rate of only 30% to complete the same mission.

Bed bugs are transmitted from one location to another through clothing, luggage and on humans themselves. Under favorable conditions the female bed bug lays 200 eggs at a rate of about 3-4 a day. The bed bugs feed at night time and hide in the creaks and crevices of bedding, clothing and luggage during the day making them particularly difficult to detect except for with the unique sense of smell that the trained K9s bring to the task.

The use of expertly trained K9s is both cost effective and the only truly effective means available to guarantee the discovery of the presence of bed bugs and thus their ultimate eradication.




“We come to you as a trusted partner, simply put, by working only one side of the business.

We quietly and quickly inspect the space with the best scent detecting K-9’s in the world.

(Undisturbed flow of business & utmost discretion is our top priority as not to disturb or alarm your guests or tenants.)

Then you may hire an exterminator of your choice, or we could refer you to a trusted affiliate. At the very least, I will educate you, your staff or tenants on the different methods of removal and possible prevention. While the vast majority of companies operate honesty, there have been cases of planting and misreporting.

Absolute Bed Bug Detection. Integrity. Service. Accuracy.